Kostenlosefilme 1home Recycle Bin Pull Out Kitchen Cupboard Waste Dust Bin (30 Litre):Kostenlosefilme
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1home Recycle Bin Pull Out Kitchen Cupboard Waste Dust Bin (30 Litre):Kostenlosefilme

1home Published in October 23, 2018, 7:24 pm
 1home Recycle Bin Pull Out Kitchen Cupboard Waste Dust Bin (30 Litre):Kostenlosefilme

1home Recycle Bin Pull Out Kitchen Cupboard Waste Dust Bin (30 Litre):Kostenlosefilme

Price:£42.99+ Free shipping with Karatsell Prime

Bronzey Reply to on 11 August 2017
I don't know how I managed without this in my new narrow kitchen. A bin doesn't need to be a feature! Easy to pull out yet is sealed in a way that no unpleasant food waste smells are emitted in the cupboard and most especially in the kitchen as with traditional bins.
I was sceptical about the 3, 10 litre compartments and would have returned it to buy the other design with 1 larger + 1 small bin. I'm glad I didn't. It holds much more than I imagined.
Only snag is the handle when you put the bin bag in. A double handle would've ensured that the bag is kept firmly in place. Bought smaller 22L bags which coincidentally cost more than my old 40L bags. The large bags clipped with a good bag underneath work better.
All in all an excellent buy and sturdy product. The installation took no more than 10 minutes.
tidyboyuk Reply to on 18 January 2018
So after pretty much a year of looking at these types of bins i finally went ahead and purchased one, this one infact.

WOW im so glad i did, and im kicking myself for not getting it sooner, its made our kitchen look alot smarter than having the usual pedal bin sat in the corner, (which broke after a couple of months so the pedal didn't work and every time we lifter the lid it marked the wall behind it making it look dirty) well that problem in no more!

So simple to install too just line it up in your cupboard and screw it down, now i will say there does seem to be quite a lot of screws.. 20 in total
but better to be screwed in good than tip out with the weight that is in your bin. The bins are well made and very sturdy plastic and all feels premium quality and thats about it, pop your bins in and your ready to go, and watch people faces as they are "wheres the bin" and you direct them to this under the cupboard lol already had 2 compliments about it :-)

I will say it is expensive too, but i finally got it after i found my wife looking at some £100+ pedal bins so its turned our saving me money instead of buying one of those horrid things.

Great product i LOVE it and you will love it too. its practical, space saving, clean, and good value.... carnt go wrong!
Suzanne S.
Suzanne S. Reply to on 18 July 2017
My kitchen has been remodelled and I can no longer accommodate a stand alone bin. Yes, this a bit smaller but it still accommodates recycling, non-recycling and food waste. I love it. Be aware that although the smaller bins are 10 litres, you will need larger compostible bags for food. The normal 10 litre bags for caddies tend to fall in.
hg Reply to on 18 June 2018
Moved house and needed a bin. Decided which cupboard would be given up to bin duties and bought this to fit. Fitted in less than 10 minutes, does the job well. Glides easily. Only thing that may be an issue for some is that the capacity is fairly small at 10l each, but that suits us perfectly as we are a 2 man household, make an effort to buy as little packaging as possible and minimise food waste, and empty bins into outside recycling/composters daily.
Mr Alan McMillan
Mr Alan McMillan Reply to on 5 December 2016
A bit stiff to pull out, but a neat little unit that works well and was easy to install. Perfect size for our galley kitchen, but you won't go more than a couple of days before emptying the bins.
Tracey Fisher
Tracey Fisher Reply to on 27 March 2018
I had my doubts about a concealed bin but now I couldn't imagine being without one. This has transformed my kitchen. It's a good size for everyday waste and it's easy to fit. I've had it for almost a year now and it's worn well.
Mrs. Gillian F. Veale
Mrs. Gillian F. Veale Reply to on 20 March 2017
We didn't want rubbish on show in our kitchen and this bin fits the cupboard space available. Of course it gets used many times during the day. It's small, but i don't mind emptying it as the outside bin is close enough. It's not as robust as a standing bin, but I'm aware of that, so look after it. So far so good
reviewguy Reply to on 16 August 2018
This bin is awesome. Really nice to use, easy to put together, space-saving.

I would recommend for 2- or 3-person households, but you might struggle with the size with more people. That, or just empty it more.

Has elevated the quality of our kitchen! Hurrah!
Basil Reply to on 28 September 2017
Used for almost 2 months now and it's excellent value for money (I found products with an identical appearance elsewhere at almost twice the price)
Robustly constructed with metal frame and thick plastic mouldings, sensibly laid out. The ability to swap the position of the large bin and the two small bins from the rear to the front was useful.
Richard Reply to on 17 December 2017
Reasonably well made item for the price paid, easy to install under the kitchen sink (About 10 minutes) and fits well as advertised dimensions are pretty accurate. Only time will tell if it stands up to everyday abuse, but seems quite substantial. Nice to get rid of the worktop recycling bins though.
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