Kostenlosefilme 55 Sport Elastic Lock Shoelaces For Running & Triathlon, Grey:Kostenlosefilme
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55 Sport Elastic Lock Shoelaces For Running & Triathlon, Grey:Kostenlosefilme

55 Sport
55 Sport Published in October 23, 2018, 7:30 pm
 55 Sport Elastic Lock Shoelaces For Running & Triathlon, Grey:Kostenlosefilme

55 Sport Elastic Lock Shoelaces For Running & Triathlon, Grey:Kostenlosefilme

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busy mum
busy mum Reply to on 27 October 2014
Bought these for my 11 year old son who has Aspergers and struggles with laces. Only just found out about them, this has opened up a whole new world of shoes to us, no need to just velcro, so difficult to buy nice trainers in his size but now we can buy laced ones and use these. Very easy to fit and he can use them easily. Will definitely be buying again.
NineToTheSky Reply to on 21 July 2017
I was curious as to whether these would be significantly better than regular laces, but I am pleased to say that they are much better. I like that they are available in such a wide range of colours.

As others have said, I didn't find it immediately obvious as how these should be put on, but after a bit of experimentation I sorted it out. And, to be honest, in retrospect, it does seem simple. I put these on to a new pair of running shoes (Asics Dynaflyte). It certainly is much easier to put on and take off my shoes than with standard laces. I went out for a good run and they held the shoes on my feet very securely. I also achieved my fastest time, but I suspect that that had more to do with my efforts and the shoes than the laces - but you never know!
James B.
James B. Reply to on 2 May 2017
I was slightly sceptical about them at first but I tried them out at a tri recently and they helped a lot in my transition. I was much quicker getting the shoe on and secure, it was also much easier as my figures were so numb after the bike ride; laces would have been a real problem! These things are excellent for quickly getting the shoe on and secure.
Alan Webb
Alan Webb Reply to on 30 May 2017
This particular design is excellent! I have tried one other brand but the end kept pulling off when putting pressure on the laces. I've now replaced my running shoes, my cross trainers, hiking boots, even my work boots with these laces as they are so comfortable to adjust while providing a great feel to how tight you want your 'laces done up.' It's very simple and very effective and could not be easier to replace your existing laces. Once you have tried one pair out and get the feel for them, you might want to look at replacing all your others in time. This brand works best for me. The reason that prompted me to go for these in the beginning was a pair of laces that would always work loose for no apparent reason time and time again, a very expensive pair of Merrels that were let down by their laces. Problem solved with this product!
Konrad Litwin
Konrad Litwin Reply to on 26 April 2017
Use these on running shoes. Easy to fit and once in use you forget you have them as you are slipping on and off. If I had one improvement it would be to make the round spring clip smaller but you only really notice when "installing". My first pair have been heavily abused over a year now and no loosening or issues. Tip: do not knot until you have on your foot and have elastic at comfortable stretch.
Bonus Reply to on 4 February 2017
I love these things. I'm not a runner, I just got fed up of tying and untying laces - the wife is down on shoes worn in the house, and I like wandering in and out. My usage is a bit first-world problems I admit, but I'm happy with the solution and that little bit less friction in my day-to-day.

These particular ones work very well, I've had no issues with them coming loose whilst walking around, and I do a lot of that. Highly recommended
Mary Murphy
Mary Murphy Reply to on 17 February 2018
I purchased these because I was having difficulty tying standard laces due to arthritis. I found the spring in the toggle very strong and I had difficulty keeping the toggle open while threading the laces through it. As the laces are designed for running shoes they are too long for walking shoes and needed to be trimmed to fit. I am not sure if the cut end of the lace will unravel with time, or whether the knot will be sufficient to prevent this happening. Once installed they have proved to be easier to use than I had anticipated and I am quite satisfied with them.
joanna lumley
joanna lumley Reply to on 15 December 2015
Great idea whoever invented these :)
Once laced up to your specific style/ needs they pretty much just do their thing & work as claimed.
I got them because my fingers are starting to show early stage arthritis so their a godsend.
I use them on the x2 pairs of training shoes I use the most & I can only sing their praises, I might buy 1 or more pairs for my other trainers :)
I have even had 2 people enquire if my trainers (Nike) were a special edition due to these laces hehe.

Highly Recommended !!! 5/5 all the way :)
¥€$ Reply to on 11 March 2017
Bought some no tie laces before and got these to go in my walking boots. Plenty long enough
and you just cut them to fit.

As I have arthritis in my fingers I find tying laces awful; these are a godsend.
I highly recommend them.
Charlotte Jarvis
Charlotte Jarvis Reply to on 6 September 2016
I purchased these for my mum (late 50's) as she was always having trouble with her laces coming undone.

These elastic lock laces have been a real game changer and we have been really pleased with them!

The lock action is very smooth but secure when tightened, there is no loosening throughout the day.

I would recommend these laces to anyone who doesn't have time to re-tie their laces all day, and I think that is most of us!

These would also be great for younger children who haven't quite got the drop on tieing laces yet.
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