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Eric Clapton & Friends The Breeze - An Appreciation of JJ Cale:Kostenlosefilme

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton Published in September 23, 2018, 1:07 pm
 Eric Clapton & Friends The Breeze - An Appreciation of JJ Cale:Kostenlosefilme

Eric Clapton & Friends The Breeze - An Appreciation of JJ Cale:Kostenlosefilme

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Fenderbender Reply to on 23 August 2014
An outstanding tribute to a legend of electric guitar not often appreciated for the great musician he was. There are plenty of other more erudite reviews here on Amazon so I will keep this short and sweet.

I am pleased that Eric did not add "Cocaine" or "After Midnight" to the track list as these numbers have been well covered by his own band - although one glaring omission might be "City Girls" which is a typically laid-back Cale number just as accessible as "Call Me the Breeze". The latter is my favourite Cale song and I was pleased to hear the quirky introduction and drum machine reproduced faithfully on this album. We all know that Lynyrd Skynyrd covered this number although to to be honest my favourite version is by Bernie Marsden. However, I digress...

Play this in your car and you will slip into steady cruise mode, perhaps listening for and recognising the particular unique signatures of the Clapton and Knopfler guitar techniques. This will save you fuel and I expect you will recoup its cost in a few weeks!

I have to report that the first CD I received had a glaring manufacturing flaw which was clearly visible on the playing surface. It would not play past track 10. The replacement service from Amazon was outstanding and the new CD plays just fine.
tpbdurisdeer Reply to on 28 July 2014
If you already have Clapton and Cale's The Road To Escondido you'll know what to expect here.
This is a lovely tribute to the genius of JJ Cale. Eric Clapton has brought together some very famous names on some of JJ Cale's best songs and they do a stellar job. Simply wonderful music, wonderfully played.
JONNY MCC Reply to on 7 October 2014
I'm really enjoying this album. I've seen some poor reviews from people who know the original versions of the songs, I however am not in that position. Perhaps it helps to listen with a clear mind. I like the arangements, and the fact that you can hear each artists style coming through on their tracks, particularly Mark Knopfler on "Someday". I also think that Willie Nelson (of whom I'm not a big fan) does a great job with the vocals on "Songbird".

The songs themselve are quite simple, lyrically anyway. Its very easy listening. Definatley something to chill out and listen to. I'm ashamed to say i havent even played the Vinyl yet, as I've been listening to the MP3 version Amazon provided for download; but I am especially looking forward to sitting down, relaxing and listening to it some evening after work. I bought the Vinly verion on a hunch that it might be good, and i definately feel I've made the right choice.

I would reccomend this record if you like Dire Straits, particularly some of their slower tracks, Mark knopfler of course. The other artists i cant really comment on as I am not familiar with them.
graphicdavinci Reply to on 3 December 2014
A fitting tribute to great artist, I suppose to JJ Cale purists nothing could better the man's treatment of his own songs and I appreciate that point of view. I really think Mr Clapton and friends have done a great job showcasing some great selections of the man's music. The mood of the vocals mirrors JJ's, laid back and mellow and the guitar licks work very well! This is a great album, even if you had never heard of Eric Capton or even JJ Cale, it stands alone as a pretty good shot at that old "Tulsa" style.
xerxes Reply to on 1 September 2014
I am not familiar with JJ Cale's songs,having only heard heard him on Road to Escondido with Eric Clapton, which I enjoyed. It's very laid back music, performed with the care you would expect from the calibre of the artists involved, and I found it just the ticket when something relaxing is required. I take the point from the Cale fans that they prefer his version of the songs (must listen to them), and Willie's singing might not be as good as in the past (but he is getting on a bit, and it's nice that he wants to [ay tribute), but I am very happy with it.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 18 August 2014
JJ Cale is one of my favourite singer/songwriters he wrote some great songs too.
It is nice to see Eric and friends have remembered JJ Cale with their own versions of his songs, there are a couple of covers which I am not overkeen on but generally their versions are easy to listen and enjoyable too.The recording itself is very goood.
As an alternative this disc is well worth buying and reminds you just how good a songwirter JJ was!
groucho Reply to on 3 October 2014
at last, recognition for one of the most under-rated singer/songwriter/guitarists ever. jj's contribution to music and quality musicians cannot be under-estimated. those influenced by the great man stretch far and wide. some excellent versions of his song. 'call me the breeze' and 'magnolia' being 2 i have to mention. 'magnolia' is one of those songs where you know the original will never actually be bettered, but the version on here is as good as a cover will get. so my thanks to mr. clapton, knopfler etc etc for doing this album. listening to jj's music makes you realise just how poor the quality is in todays modern 'pop' music. here's to the next one.
Ian Mouat
Ian Mouat Reply to on 23 August 2017
Great Cd from Eric Clapton, who is mourning the passing of his great friend J.J. Cale, Fab songs from various artists.
Dave Turner
Dave Turner Reply to on 27 July 2015
I think I have everything JJ recorded so did not feel this was neccesary,though having heard a couple of tracks being played in a shop I decided to take the plunge!I was not dissapointed-several tracks sound so like the originals that you feel JJ is singing in the background,but there are enough differences tok eep up the interest,A worthy tribute to a great musician.
Mr. Colin Rankin
Mr. Colin Rankin Reply to on 28 July 2014
I received this album at about 11am this morning.Thank you,Amazon.
It is an amazing tribute to J J Cale and great credit to all involved,especially Eric.I have just finished listening through it twice and am in awe of the production quality,the sheer brilliance of musicianship and overall quality.
This is a genuine masterpiece and wipes the floor with modern 'pop' music.
This is the real deal.Brilliant.
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