Kostenlosefilme Nature Valley Protein Salted Caramel Nut Cereal Bars 4x40g:Kostenlosefilme
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Nature Valley Protein Salted Caramel Nut Cereal Bars 4x40g:Kostenlosefilme

Nature Valley
Nature Valley Published in September 23, 2018, 1:07 pm
 Nature Valley Protein Salted Caramel Nut Cereal Bars 4x40g:Kostenlosefilme

Nature Valley Protein Salted Caramel Nut Cereal Bars 4x40g:Kostenlosefilme

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What I really think
What I really think Reply to on 13 April 2017
Lovely to see Nature Valley doing Gluten Free Biscuits but you wouldn't have any clue this is GF because packed with flavour. Lovely quality. Made from roasted peanuts 38% and almonds 9% and pack states this is 20% of your daily protein needs. The salted caramel flavouring reminded me a little bit of caramac chocolate bars. Quality wise they are great having tried peanut and chocolate I have to say that one is my stand out favourite flavour but otherwise these are very nice. One bar is 200kl. No artifical colours, No preservatives. High in protein and fibre. 4 bars in the pack. And tasty for Gluten free people.
ShamaLlama Reply to on 21 February 2018
They taste great, always important. I'm a fan of the salted caramel nut bar but the peanut and chocolate one is also very nice. I'm personally partial to coconut and almond at times too so I get a decent variety.

They actually have protein. Seriously check the nutritional information. There's more protein than carbs and that's a huge win in my view when the supermarket options I'm often seeing tend to have really low protein content but relative to sugar and carbs, they're more like sugar or carbohydrate bars. I eat them while I cycle, replenishing some carbs I use through the sugar and the carb content, while getting a nice hit of protein as well. And protein is the stuff that will fill you up best. Filling up on carbs will lead to weight gain. Protein maintains your body and is essential particularly if you exercise. The body doesn't carry protein around with it, unlike sugars which convert to carbs and then to fat, or carbs that then convert to fat, or you eat carbs and sugar and end up overshooting your daily allowance, leading to weight gain.

I exercise a lot and I can't remember the last time I ate crap food. I consider these treats and workout snacks because they satisfy the cravings you get for a candy bar, but serving some purpose too. Like you'll eat one of these and feel a little fuller, rather than eating say a Mars Bar and it having almost no effect on your hunger whatsoever, leading to you eating more and well you know where that goes.
Stewart Harvey-wilson
Stewart Harvey-wilson Reply to on 10 January 2018
Must be careful,these taste so lovely, I can forget how many I’ve eaten. And don’t forget salt and sugar together is very well received by our bodies...Also I much Prefer the price here much cheaper than supermarkets
Keely Scott
Keely Scott Reply to on 15 March 2018
These are so delicious, my biggest problem is only eating one at a time! Perfect mid morning snack
Chris H
Chris H Reply to on 20 January 2018
Make a nice change from more traditional protein bars. Nice taste, easily palatable.
Ruby Gloom
Ruby Gloom Reply to on 1 March 2018
so tasty and the high protein content keeps you full
M. Harrison
M. Harrison Reply to on 10 February 2018
Very very sweet and artificial tasting. Just peanuts would be lovely but the yogurty coating is too much.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 22 January 2018
These bars are so tasty and packed with protein, I really love them
Karen Reply to on 9 November 2017
Nice snack bar full of goodness.
noor Reply to on 3 January 2018
I love it.
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