Kostenlosefilme iBathUK Chrome Slotted Basin Sink Tap Push Pop Up Click Clack Waste Plug:Kostenlosefilme
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iBathUK Chrome Slotted Basin Sink Tap Push Pop Up Click Clack Waste Plug:Kostenlosefilme

iBathUK Published in October 23, 2018, 7:19 pm
 iBathUK Chrome Slotted Basin Sink Tap Push Pop Up Click Clack Waste Plug:Kostenlosefilme

iBathUK Chrome Slotted Basin Sink Tap Push Pop Up Click Clack Waste Plug:Kostenlosefilme

Price:£5.93+ Free shipping with Eventmanager Prime

Smedley Reply to on 3 May 2017
Nice looking plug and very reasonably priced BUT the seals are junk and leak despite applying sealant.
So, don't even bother trying, buy the plug and while you're waiting for it to arrive go to B&Q and get their Plumbsure vanity sink set for £2.02, seals perfectly and no sealant required.
ALL plug manufacturers should supply them as standard with their products and save everyone a lot of time, effort and wet Vanity unit shelves.
Robert Clayton
Robert Clayton Reply to on 18 April 2017
Had to use a bit of silicone on the bottom seal but other than that really pleased. Replaced the nasty lever thing that came with the tap.
The top dome covers the whole plug area so keeps it all looking nice (you often get crap around the plug area which is hard to clean).
Mr M.
Mr M. Reply to on 5 February 2018
Bought two of these as I was tired of trying to straighten the pop up rod type that were installed. They were easy to fit and look better than the price seemed to indicate. However I have noticed that the gasket doesn't create a seal when the plug is closed. Both sinks will empty in around four minutes. I emailed the supplier for advice but they never bothered replying.
nick g
nick g Reply to on 3 April 2018
I like the plug assy, however as stated by other users it simply won't seal on the bottom without the use of silicone, the seal supplied will seal against the bottom of the sink ok, but it wont seal around the thread, so silicone is definitely needed. Also I think the threaded portion is slightly oversize, I purchased 2 different traps, 1 was a bottle trap for 32mm and it slide "inside" the threaded section, hence it leaked. the second standard P trap purchased works, but it could be better. The threaded section overall size needs reducing by 2mm so the flange and seal on a trap assy sits against it properly, I still had to "centre" the trap connection by looking down from above to make it seal.
I have had no issues with the push function sealing and holding water in the basin.
iBathUK Chrome Slotted Basin Sink Tap Push Pop Up Click Clack Waste Plug

Would I use again, yes but expect more than just "fit" this, it needs "work".
Mike Rew
Mike Rew Reply to on 13 April 2018
For the money it does a Stirling job
I'm not a plumber by any means, but as an enthusiastic DIYer it was simple enough to remove my old push-rod plug with this.
The seals provided may do a good job if fitted to a new sink, but 9 years of crud and silicone being used on the old plug haven't given me the best possible seal around the porcelain. a bead of silicone has done the trick
Ps. It's BIG compared to the old plug, but easier to use
PSW Reply to on 5 March 2018
Purchased to replace an existing unit. Once I had removed the original (which was the most difficult part) this was fitted quite easily. I also used a little Plumbers Mait in addition to the supplied seals for a little added security against leaks. I was a little concerned when I first received the item as it is described to fit 1.25 inch diameter and the measurement of the threaded area was 1.5 inch. However once compared to the original part it was clear it was the right size. It all works very well...at least after the first day, and hopefully for a lot longer.
Keithgadget Reply to on 16 October 2013
The waste appears to be solid brass with a decent chrome finish but information about the origin is not available. The washers are of black hard rubber and the waste outlet is a bit proud of the basin when fitted but we have no real complaints at all.

The push close and push open mechanism is a bit of a gimmick and might provide a little amusement/discussion from our daughters and grandkids. Perhaps a bit big for our standard size basin in our cloakroom. Certainly no complaints about the price either!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 27 June 2018
Chrome top seems okay for finish but overall construction of the unit is not very good. The chrome collar did not fit very well into the sink hole, seemed to be a bit too small in outside diameter and it rocked so left a large gap even with the supplied gasket (which was very thin) and which needed silicon sealant to effect a working seal, but this may have been the sink rather than the waste. The pop up action seems okay but I suspect will not be a perfect seal according to others so will slowly empty the sink which for most purposes is not an issue.
Mr G
Mr G Reply to on 15 May 2018
This item is not up to scratch. The seals provided are just not good enough. In order to make this fit for purpose I have to use ptfe tape around the thread and plumber mait around the top washer and thread nut which cost me the same as the bloomin sink.

On top of this, once the sink is full of water it slowly drains and so the rubber seal to stop the water is not up to the job. Sigh
Adam Reply to on 23 June 2017
quality not good, but for the money it's ok. I have had to replace with same after 2 years and already have problems with replacement after 6 months.
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